Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hello, my lovelies! Wednesday has rolled around again, and it has brought various bits of news about Shadows on the Moon in the US.

The rather beautiful hardcover edition from the rather lovely Candlewick Press (still not allowed to share the cover - sorry!) will be coming out for definite on the 24th of April.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the text will be slightly different than the UK printing. That's because, by a nifty coincidink, the copy-editing manager at Candlewick Press is a ninja haiku scholar. OK, possibly not the ninja part (I mean, who knows? It's not like a ninja would tell me that she was a ninja. That's all part of being a ninja) but she IS a genuine expert on the fine art of haiku writing and she very kindly helped me to make some of the poetry in the book more faithful to the spirit of Japanese aesthetics. Not that I don't love the original versions, you understand. This just means that American fans get a special gift from me; a unique version of the haiku for their very own.

I've just received a couple of the very first advanced reader copies, hot off the presses. I'd take pictures of these for you, except, again, not allowed to share the cover. The audiobook will be coming out at the same time in April next. No news on who's going to be reading that yet, but I'm still mega-excited. You can find the pre-order links for both here on Amazon. Which brings me to my happiest piece of news, which is that three absolutely WONDERFUL authors agreed to blurb the US edition of the book.

Just in case anyone's in the dark as to what a blurb is - it's when a well-known and well-respected author 'recommends' another writer's work via a snappy sentence or two, which the publisher puts on the book or on promotional materials for the book. I've never had blurbs before, and I'm just. So. Excited!

So these are the blurbs which will hopefully be on the Candlewick Press edition of Shadows on the Moon:

Beautifully written, with diverse and fascinating characters, an intriguing plot, and a romance that will steal your heart. One of the most innovative fairy-tale retellings I've read in years.—R.J. Anderson, author of Spellhunter and Ultraviolet

Shadows on the Moon weaves a spell as deft as any by its main character. Beautiful and cruel; a mesmerizing read with an intoxicating love story.—L.A. Weatherly, author of Angel Burn and Angel Fire

The lyrical prose of Shadows on the Moon captures the essence of the fairy tale, while the love story will capture reader's hearts.—Jaclyn Dolomore, author of Magic Under Glass and Between the Sea and Sky

Right? OhEmGee you guys. I can't believe such wonderful authors said such nice things about my book! I honestly can't thank them enough.

In other news, I just saw Megamind and I haven't had this big a crush on a primary coloured character since Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles captured my heart when I was nine. *Sigh*


Essjay said...

Am very excited about the US hardback edition as I love collected them. Also, great blurbs - fantastic!

Rebecca Lindsay said...

Congrats on the hardback. I can't wait to see the cover when it's released :)

AmieSalmon said...

There's so many exciting things going on in this post! And WOOOOOOO about the blurbs - amazing.
I can't wait to see what the cover looks like, I love the UK version but shall be waiting to see.

Ashley said...

Congrats! That's SO exciting!! :D YAY!

But question- Why can't you share the cover image, if it's already up on Netgalley AND on Goodreads? Do they know about this? (They being the publisher?)

ANYWAY- MOST EXCITING NEWS!! :D I'm so happy for you! :D Maybe now they will bring you to the US for tour so I can stalk you for real... ;) Don't worry. I'll bring cookies :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Essjay: Me too! I love seeing my books in hardback - it makes them seem extra special.

Rebecca: And I can't wait to share it, believe me. *Sigh*

Amie: Woooo is right! My very first blurbs! My precccccious blurbs!

Ashley: Yep, I've talked to them about NetGalley - and the image is on the Brilliance Audio website too. But they're firm about it. They just don't want me to put it up until two months before the release. Apparently it's an unshakeable policy. Who knew?

Megha said...

Those are wonderful blurbs! You totally deserve it ;)

Those lucky Americans -.-

Elissa Sussman said...

Can I totally second your monochromatic crush on Donatello? I always jumped between him and Raphael until I realized that Raphael was kind of a jerk. I might have put too much thought into that.

Zoë Marriott said...

Megha: Thank you :)

Elissa: Ha ha ha ha! I know, right? I can't believe I even still remember after all these years!

Isabel said...

Stop teasing us! I wanna see the cover!! :(

But anyway, congratulations! That's fabulous news!

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: I'm honestly not teasing this time! I'm just not allowed to show you the image here. But you can see a preliminary version of the cover in a couple of places now - like on the Brilliance Audio website, here:

Isabel said...

I know. *sigh* But thanks for the link! That's so pretty! ^.^

Megha said...

That looks nice! :)

Elissa Sussman said...

Apparently up-coming author SE Sinkhorn is also a fan of the turtles, though she prefers Michelangelo. I think we need to form a fan club. Or support group.

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