Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hello, hello, hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all having a spiffy sort of Thursday?

Today, I am happy. I am happy because my dad's new home dialysis therapy is going very well and he's more sprightly than I've seen him in years. I'm happy because Katana Book #2 is going well. I'm happy because before the end of this month Shadows on the Moon will be released in the U.S. in a beautiful hardcover and in my very first audiobook, and ALSO in Poland, which is my very first non-English language edition.

So much happiness!

The best thing about happiness? You can share it! I want to give YOU all a portion of my generally joyful mood. And so: a huge blowout giveaway full of interesting one-of-a-kind items!

Some of this stuff comes from the lovely people at The Queen of Teen Award. Some of it comes from my lovely publisher (hello Walker Folks!). Some of it comes directly from me. Let me tell you more.

There will be A GRAND PRIZE:

A pre-order of the UK paperback of FrostFire sent directly from the Book Depository to you the moment the book is available.

A rare signed and personalised Advanced Readers Copy of the U.S. version of Shadows on the Moon, with the all-new versions of the haiku which I wrote especially to be more faithful to a Japanese aesthetic.

An extremely pretty signed and personalised U.S. hardcover of Daughter of the Flames (according to Amazon and the Book Depo these are no longer available from Candlewick Press, so you probably want to get your hands on this while you can).

FrostFire swag - full-colour postcards and magnets!

Signed and personalised bookplates to stick in your books.

Queen of Teen badges, a poster, and bookmarks.


The first two chapters of The Katana Trilogy, Book One: The Night Itself, printed out right here in my Writing Cave on my very own printer. Only my editor and my agent have seen this, and it will not be released for publication until 2013! It is a world exclusive!

There will also be two runners up who will receive:

Signed bookplates.

FrostFire swag.

Queen of Teen swag.


The first chapter of The Katana Trilogy: Book One, The Night Itself, printed out right here in my very own Writing Cave on my very own printer. This is the only way you will get to read this chapter for AT LEAST a year.

So, my pretties, what do you have to do to enter for a chance to win all these glorious goodies? Well, remember me talking about the Queen of Teen Award before? I'd still very much like to win that, my lovelies, and I don't think, so far, that we've done enough to get me there. Maybe it's not possible. But it would be great to get onto the shortlist at least!

And so, I'm going to ask you to vote, if you haven't already. Or get a friend, or a family member to vote, or a school friend. Anyone who is between the ages of nine and eighteen is eligible. I mean, don't blackmail them into it, or anything - you can refer them to my post here, or just explain to them the high level of awesomeness in fantasy with strong female characters and why it would be even more awesome if a fantasy author won this. Then for every person (including yourself) who votes for me in the Queen of Teen nominations, you leave a SEPARATE comment in the comment trail of this post.

This is very important. Only leave a comment to tell me that you (or someone else) has voted. I know normally we have a nice chat there and I respond to all the comments, but not this time - it will interfere with my Random-Number-Generator-no-Jutsu.

Repeat after me:



Get your whole family between the ages of nine and eighteen to vote? Get a whole family's worth of chances to win! And yes, if you already voted, that counts - just leave a comment.

We're going to go on the honour system here, because I have no way of cracking open the Queen of Teen voting database to check if what you've said is true. But I love you guys and I hope that you wouldn't lie to me, so I'm OK with that.

This competition is open internationally - with the proviso that the Book Depo delivers to your country. The competition will finish at midnight on Friday the 20th of April (which is when voting for the Queen of Teen Award is over). I will announce the winner right here on Tuesday 24th of April.

Go to it, my delightful readers! VOTE NOW.


Aimen said...

Hey there ^_^
I voted for you back when you did that post. Don't have anybody in my family under eighteen - more than half are married :P but will nudge my friends into doing it once I lend them my copies xD

p.s: congratulations on your dad getting better. my grandmother was on dialysis for the last year before she died but it mostly just sucked the energy right out of her. I'm so glad that your father is benefiting from it =)

Sioned said...

Voted! Hope you win; you fully deserve to! And thanks so much for this giveaway ( although I doubt I'll come close to winning :P )

Amanda D. said...

Just voted :) really hope you win!

whispering words said...

I voted for you a while back - really hope you win! You totally deserve it :)

Isabel said...

Voted! I'll see if I can get my sister to when she has the time as well.

Lexie said...

I nudged my cousin to vote!

I really really really hope you win!

amy_celestia said...

I voted :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, great prizes! I hope you win, I'm going to do my best to "nudge" othes to vote for you as well!

I just voted. Good luck!


The_Book_Queen said...

Yeah--one more vote for you! Gotta love my younger cousin for listening to me for once. Lol. She's actually read one of your books before and liked it (she, unfortunately doesn't read much, so that's saying a lot!)


Rachel Balcombe said...

I already voted! Would so love to win this! XD

Rebecca Lindsay said...

Voted :)
Really hope you win!

Vivien said...

I voted for you!!! Good luck :)

Eleanor said...

I have voted for you and managed to pursuade my sister Emma and friend Evie to vote as well.

You are my favourite author and you really deserve to win.

Good Luck!

amy_celestia said...

I got my friend Tessa to vote for you too!

Raimy-rawr said...

I got my stepson to vote for you. He's not impressed by how pick that site is though... haha

amy_celestia said...

...and my friend Lauren just voted :)

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