Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hello, my lovelies! First the news that after slipping down quite a few places on Waterstones Not Just For Teens Bestseller Chart, today The Night Itself shot back up again to No. 45, its highest ranking yet! Thank you so much to everyone for helping this happen! Again, I'm not entirely sure what it means in terms of actual sales numbers, but I do know that it must be a good thing - at the very least for my peace of mind. Let's all cross our fingers it stays there for a little while, or maybe even climbs higher. *Hugs for all*

As a way of sharing my sheer happiness over this, Thursday's post brings you adorable The Night Itself fan-service goodness and a link so that you can enjoy adorable fan-service goodness for yourself (or your characters) if you'd like.


Mio, the heroine of the pice! Isn't she so cute? There was no hand-held katana in the Chibi-Maker arsenal unforunately, so she had to have a normal longsword instead. Boo! Everything else is pretty good, though.
Ah, Jack, our mischieveous and wise-cracking sidekick. The minute I saw that skull t-shirt and tights, I knew she would be happy. Shame I couldn't add the pink and purple highlights to her hair, though. Just imagine those.
Shinobu! Look at his gorgeous worried little face. The Chibi-Maker did offer twin katanas for his back, but they got lost in his hair, so again he got a normal broadsword and a ninja-knife to symbolise his katana and wakizashi.

Rachel, Jack's sister and perpetually exasperated baby-sitter, with her beloved mug of tea. This outfit is so her, I clapped like a seal. 
Last but not least, fan-favourite Hikaru! Oooh, you cheeky rascal you - is that a foxlight in your hand? Who did you pinch that from? Don't swish your tail at me, either! I know your tricks!
Making these gave me a disturbing amount of satisfaction - but they're cute, darnit! I regret nothing! Here's a link to the Chibi-Maker for all your own fanservice/character building needs.

If you'd like to know my answers to 20 intriguingly random questions, pop long to Sister Spooky's new feature.

Oh! And another link to where you can buy the fancy-pants hardback version of Shadows on the Moon (with different haiku to the UK edition, and red foiling and endpapers) for under £4 with free postage and packaging! Anyone who loves to own hardbacks or wants to know how the US haiku turned out should get in there pronto, before they run out of stock.

That's all for today, my duckies. Remember, next week is the final InCreWriJul Check In, so if you want to be entered into the prize draw, make sure you've commented on ALL the Check Ins so far and that you turn up for this one, too. Happy writing!


maya said...

Love these Chibis sooo much! The Hikaru one is particularly cute ;)

Zoë Marriott said...

Maya: Heh, I knew everyone wld love Hikaru - that's why I saved him for last.

Isabel said...

Loving the chibis omg such cuteness!! Haven't met Hikaru or Shinobu yet, but I can't wait to keep reading! Also, congrats on the ranking!

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: Thank you! Hopefully the Chibis will seem even more cute when you know how they're described in the story :)

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