Thursday, 28 May 2015


Not a post as such today, my cutie-patooties - just a quick note to let you know that my old friend the prolapsed disc has decided to return for an unexpected visit. Thus the lack of post last week and this week too, and the general eerie silence on all my social media. I hope that I will soon be on the mend, but right now I'm still spending most of my time lying immobile on my back with a hot water bottle plastered to my spine and far too many muscle relaxants in my system, all of which makes it miserable to try and write anything.

I'm hoping by next week sitting upright won't be torture anymore, but if you don't get a new post then, just take it as read that I'm still fine and am just babying my back for a little longer. When I DO return, I have a mega-giveaway that I want everyone to enter and help spread the word about, so get excited about that :)

Read you later, lovelies.

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