Monday, 27 July 2015


Hello and happy Monday, Dear Readers! Today, as promised, we kick off the FRAIL HUMAN HEART BLOGTOUR - and our first lovely blogger is PewterWolf. What juicy extra content is on his blog? Who knows? Click through quickly and check it out!

In other news this fine Monday, over the weekend I finally updated my website - by which I mean, rebuilt the thing from scratch and moved it to a new hosting service. I love the new look and the new organisation and it's now ten times easier to update, so hopefully this version will endure for a long time. As a plus, it's prettified with all my own photographs instead of stock images, which I love.

It's the same website address: Check that out too when you have the chance, and let me know if there's anything from the old site you miss that I could transfer across or anything else you'd like to see.

I'll be back tomorrow with another link for the next day of the Blogtour, so don't miss out, my little cupcakes!

ETA - to make it easier to follow the tour, here's a compilation of all the links so far, in order:

Day #1, Pewterwolf - Snippet from the book
Day #2, KitKatscanRead - Snippet from the book
Day #3, Feeling Fictional - Snippet from the book
Day #4, Teens on Moon Lane - Snippet from the book
Day #5, The Reader's Corner, Jack & Hikaru 'Deleted Scene' - major spoilers!
Day #6,  Luna's Little Library, Hikaru Deleted Scene - not really spoilery
Day #7, SisterSpooky, Mio & Shinobu Deleted Scene - major spoilers
Day #8, Serendipity Reviews, Detailed interview with Viv
Day #9, Winged Reviews, In Depth Inspiration Post

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