Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Hello, oh lovely readers. Today, I beg your forgiveness - it turns out that the final artwork for the BAREFOOT ON THE WIND cover isn't ready to share yet.

Mea culpa! Please don't throw things at me! I promise I'm not toying with you - they really did say I could share it this week. It just hasn't worked out. I promise will post it the moment that my editor lets me, cross my heart and hope to die.

So instead, this week I have various linky things to share. First up is this post by writing idol N.K. Jemisin: Hello! You Just Used the "Damned if you Do/Don't" Fallacy!

As per usual, this is sheer brilliance from the writer, and for a wonder the comments are also of the highest standard - or they were when I read them anyway. I've faced people (quite recently, not to mention virulently) telling me outright that I, as a member of group A, cannot write about people from group B, forever and ever, amen. But the thing about that argument is, as N.K. Jemisin points out, that it's kind of beside the point because it doesn't really make sense. The point is to man up and do the very best you can to write the thing anyway, and then listen to what people say in response to what you've produced with an open mind. Otherwise none of us would ever write about anyone who wasn't exactly the same as us in any way (in which case, you'd be Jonathan Franzen). I intend to bookmark this and link to it freely. Hopefully it will save me some time in future online arguments.

Following that, here's a hilarious and heart-warming interview with the intimidatingly rockstar-like Sarah McCarry on writing honestly about sex and sexuality and girls of all types in YA, which made me feel rather proud of my chosen genre (and maybe even my place in it, which is nice).

Next up a marvelous post on writing YA thrillers from a mate of mine, the wonderful Emma Haughton. Even if you don't or haven't yet been called to write a thriller, this still offers some really solid tips for anyone who wants their work to *be* thrilling, and have that up-put-downable quality.

Finally, this piece from the Guardian about common crimes against modern grammar made me smile: practical advice without any snobby messing around. I only wish I could give it to one of my English teachers from when I was growing up: I knew I was right. In your face, Sir.

I hope you enjoy some or all of these links, muffins. Have a great week - and let's all cross our fingers that next week I can finally reveal some luscious cover art. Here's a new song I've been enjoying lately, just to see you off - I think it's about Snow White, what do you think?


Alex Mullarky said...

I love Aurora, her voice is so magical! Can't wait to see the cover soon.

Jinx King said...

LMAO OMG The shade @ Franzen, I live for it XD

Zoë Marriott said...

Alex: I'm hoping it'll be this week (I may cry if they put me off again).

Jinx: I am so gratified someone got that joke, I can't even :)

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