Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday to all. Various exciting and/or nervewracking things are happening here at Casa Zolah (or, more accurately, in London and Wales, but directly affecting Casa Zolah) over this week and next week (and maybe the week after, Iunno), and I basically can't talk about a single one of them, which is making it... a liiitle tough to know what to blog about right now?

BUT! I have found this great new YouTube Channel (belonging to the author Rachael Stephen) and one of her videos is already making me have a big-ol' writer-crush on her because it is BRILLIANT.

So here it is. Check it out and see if it helps you the way it helped me today when I came across it!


In other news, my Patreon is still steadily ticking over with updated content every week. I'd love to see some new subscribers, but although I only have three right now I very much appreciate each and every one of them, and the fact that they're motivating me to re-read, update and improve so many essays I've written in the past. It's fun!

If you can't subscribe but you've found my writing and publishing advice useful in the past, or have had questions answered by me, please do share the page to your Facebook, Twitter, or wherever and maybe some other folks will have their memories jogged or their interest piqued and decide to subscribe themselves or share too.

Read you later, my lovelies!


Phoenixgirl said...

Unrelated comment: last week I was flipping through The Gender Agenda by Ros Ball and James Millar while on my break at the library (it showed up on the new book shelf and looked interesting), and I was delighted to find that their list of recommended reads in the appendix not only included Shadows on the Moon, but had a direct shout-out to you! It was my favorite thing about the book (which was plenty cool all on its own).

Zoë Marriott said...

Really, Phoenix??? I had no idea! I did chat to them quite a lot on Twitter when they were writing it, but I haven't crossed paths with them online in ages (or read the book, obviously, oops). Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to get it on my Kobo :)

Phoenixgirl said...

Yup! After the description of SotM, there's another paragraph about how you were one of their Twitter followers and had personally suggested SotM as the book to be included, and that all of your other books were awesome too and people should read them.

Zoë Marriott said...

Oh, wow! I wish they'd told me, I definitely would have bought their book before now! x

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