Saturday, 7 May 2011


Heh heh. Yeah baby - we're going on a bloghunt.

First question. Have you read City of Fallen Angels yet? If YES, visit OPTION A. If NO, scroll down to OPTION B.



I KNOW, RIGHT?! Hopping Moses on a Pogostick WHAT WAS THAT? *Clutches head, takes deep breaths. Aaanyway - you want to get your hands on the letter, right? You know - THE LETTER.

The one that Jace writes to Clary in City of Glass. The heartbreaking, emotional letter where he pours out his soul to the one true love he believes he can never be with. The letter we never actually get to read in the book. I mean, I know *I* do.

So, watcha gotta do to get it? Well, it's really unbelievably simple. Here goes:

Six questions.

Six blogs.

One chance for fans in the UK and Ireland to get their hands on the letter that Jace writes to Clary in City of Glass before he leaves on a life-threatening mission.

Each question is on a different blog, and the answers lie in City of Fallen Angels, the latest in Cassandra Clare’s bestselling The Mortal Instruments series.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, put the first letter of each answer together to create a word. Email that word to Undercover Reads, and Walker Books will send you a beautiful print of Jace’s letter, complete with the Morgenstern Seal.

The second question is…

  1. What is the name of Simon’s Shadowhunter girlfriend?
Got the answer? Question 3 will be unveiled on The Overflowing Library, Sunday 8th May…

If you’ve missed question 1, start the hunt at The Crooked Shelf


Go get it. Now. If you didn't read the first three books yet? Please do, because they are so fantastic. I'm swept away by Cassandra Clare's ability to create these astonishing plots that are just non-stop action and twists and surprises and whipping the rug out from under your feet. But at the same time her characters (human and more than human) are so flawed, funny and interesting, and they change and develop and you love them and hate them. I just wish I could write books like this. *Sigh*

Okay - go have a great weekend everyone!


Megha Z said...

Oh my God. This is so cool. Sadly I haven't read City of Fallen Angels yet, but I hope I get to do so very soon. :) To the people who have read it: DO THIS!!!!!

Isabel said...

I'll consider putting it on my to-read list. :) Is it the first book in a series?

Zoë Marriott said...

Megha: I do highly recommend it.

Isabel: No - it's the 1st book in a trilogy following on from Cassie Clare's *previous* trilogy, which was CITY OF BONES, CITY OF ASHES and then CITY OF GLASS. CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS continues the story, so it's no good reading it if you've not read the others first. But the letter in question comes from the final book of that 1st trilogy.

Isabel said...

Zoë: Wow, confusing! Then I suppose I should read City of Bones first? I'll check it out sometime, then. At first I didn't think this series was my thing, but I remember you said that that was your initial instinct too, but that you actually ended up really enjoying it. So I'll put it on my to-read list and maybe give it a shot sometime. I think somebody in my class might own it... maybe I'll ask if I can borrow it. :)

Howl's Moving Castle is very good so far. Thanks so much for recommending it! I can tell you -- it's very nice having a little break from all the darkness and angst that I usually find in the books I like to read. Of course, I love that, but something a bit lighter is definitely refreshing. Especially right after finishing The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! (Although I really enjoyed 100k -- I gave it four and a half stars. :))

Zoë Marriott said...

Yep - I steered clear for a long time but when I finally DID pick the books up, I was an instant fan, and was kicking myself for not reading them for so long.

Everyone loves Howl's Moving Castle! It's a great intro to DWJ's books.

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