Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hello, my lovelies! The Olympics is over, the sun has taken his hat off and gone back to bed, and I, for one, am feeling a tad down in the dumps.

But never fear! Today is the day when I select the winner of the Foyles Summer Scream Giveaway and hopefully light that person's life up once again.

So, without further ado (and with the help of the random number generator) I pronounce the winner to be:


Suzanne is the lady who quoted me talking about magic under the kitchen sink directly from the Sugarscape article. I hope you're happy to have won the grand prize, my dear! Just to remind you what you've won:
A signed copy of UNREST by Michelle Harrison
A signed copy of THE IRON WITCH by Karen Mahoney 
Signed copies of ANGEL and ANGELFIRE by L.A. Weatherly 
A signed copy of FROSTFIRE by me
A signed copy of any other one of my books that you like
Assorted swaaaaag...
So get in touch ASAP, Suzanne, to let me know your address and also which other one of my books you'd like a copy of! You can broswse down the sidebar of the blog on the left there if you're unsure.

Happy Tuesday to everyone else. Sorry if you didn't win this time, but there will be more giveways at a later date, I promise.


Rebecca Lindsay said...

Congrats Suzanne! Enjoy your books :)

Lesley said...

What's the difference between urban and paranormal fantasy?

Zoë Marriott said...

Lesley: Well, normally the divide is between 'paranormal romance' and 'urban fantasy'. But that's a very good question, and one that maybe deserves its own blog post. So I'll think about it and probably do one next week. Ok?

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