Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hello, duckies! Today I bring an update with a European flavour. You may remember last year I told you that FrostFire had sold in Germany to Carlsen Verlag (the German publisher of Stephenie Meyer and Kristin Cashore)? Well, I've been keeping an eagle eye on their website for a bit hoping that I would manage to see the cover art before it turned up in a Google alert (there's just something so weird about finding out about your foreign editions and cover art through Google alerts) and yesterday my obsessiveness was rewarded with my very first glimpse of the German version of the book.

As the post title hints, the title has been changed to Frostbite - Frostblüte in German. Which is quite funny because that's probably what I would have called the book, if two other books with that title (one by Kelley Armstrong and one by Richelle Mead) hadn't come out about six months before here in the UK. C'est la Vie.

Here's the synopsis from the Carlsen website, which I translated using my wonderful GCSE German. Ha ha ha ha. No, actually I didn't actually learn any useful German while studying for the GCSE, unless you count knowing how to order icecream and count to ten. I did this with Google translate:
Frost can not get close to anyone - and for good reason: She bears a wolf demon, which breaks out and kills indiscriminately if she is injured or overwhelmed by emotions.

When she joins a band of warriors who protect the kingdom from insurgents, she quickly arouses the interest of Luca, the leader, and the distrust of Arian, his best friend. Both men feel that she is hiding something. Frost soon suspects that one of them will rekindle the fire of her feelings. But at what price?

A heroine to die for - fragile and strong at the same time. A story that will leave you on tenterhooks with the fight against ruthless villains and inner demons. A book to revel in and devour - full of unexpected friendship, serious decisions and delicate, bittersweet love.
I'm sure that Frost herself would be very flattered by that description (actually she'd be horribly embarrassed and probably go hide in a tree or something, but again, C'est la Vie).

And now at last, here is the cover art:

Copyright 2013, Carlsen Verlag
This is very pretty indeed, with the snow and the restained swirly letters, and I'm so happy to see an actual wolf on there that I'll try not to worry that the model doesn't really look like Frost at all. Once more, C'est la Vie!

It looks like this will be coming out at the beginning of October this year, and will have ebook and paperback versions. I think I have a couple of Dear Readers in Germany already, so I hope they like it, and recommend it to their friends :)

That's all for today, so have a great weekend and I'll read you on Tuesday chickadees.


Alex Mullarky said...

Nice cover! Also Frostblute sounds even cooler than Frostbite... :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Alex: Thank you! Now imagine saying it with a German accent. FrostBLUTE!

Rachel Balcombe said...

Oooh, pretty. Might have to buy this for my cousin to give it to her in a few years - she lives in Germany but she's not quite old enough for this yet I don't think. Maybe I should just buy one now and hoard it...

Isabel said...

Congrats Zoe! I love the new cover! Do you know if there will be an American edition as well?

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: Thank you. Sadly I have no idea if/when there will be a U.S. version of FF. Candlewick Press hold the rights to it, but they've chosen to focus on The Name of the Blade trilogy instead and put FF to one side. I do hope it will come out there eventually, if it does, it won't be any time soon :(

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