Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello, everyone! Just a very quick quickie today to let you know that the super-exciting The Name of the Blade related reveal has been confirmed - for this coming Monday, the 3rd of February. I still haven't *really* been given the go-ahead to talk about what will be revealed. But I can say that it's going to happen simultaneously on these five lovely blogs: 
  1. Winged Reviews 
  2. Serendipity Reviews
  3. Readaraptor Reviews 
  4. Pewter Wolf 
  5. Book Angel's Booktopia 

And that you'll want to visit them IN THAT ORDER at 12pm. Isn't it excitingly mysterious? Whoop!


maya said...

Ooh! I am incredibly excited!

Zoë Marriott said...

Maya: I am also extremely excited! *Bounces*

Isabel said...

Can't wait!!

A Backwards Story said...

I'll be at work, ARGH! Buuuuut I'll have to check back!!! <3<3<3 Can't wait to see!

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