Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello, oh lovely readers! I'm still locked in battle with the dreaded tonsillitis over here - which has now spread down into a chest infection and upwards as bacterial conjunctivitis, as if I wasn't already having enough fun - but since I'm not getting any useful work done on BaBBook, I thought I might as well try to update the blog instead.

So first of all, a big thank you to writers Tom Huddleston, Sally Green and Josh Winning, cat-herder Rosie Fletcher (otherwise known as the moderator) and writer pals Liz de Jager and C.J. Daugherty for making my London Book Fair experience a really fun one.

Our panel was packed full and apparently people were queuing half-way down the mezzanine level to get in. Wonder Editor and Super Agent, who were already at the fair, hard at work, and came along to offer their support, both had to flex their muscles at the doorman to get in. Which is just what you want, and especially satisfying because I think the panel itself offered some really valuable and thoughtful discussion. If anyone feels like inviting me back next year, I'd definitely be interested!

And now, somewhat belatedly, I'm announcing another book and writing related event which is going to take place on Saturday the 9th of May. I'm going to be taking part in the Lincoln Inspired Festival, doing another panel event on Reading and Writing YA, followed by a book signing, at The Collection (a fascinating art museum) in Lincoln at 1:30pm.

The other panelists will be the lovely Kerry Drewery whom I'm very much looking forward to meeting again, and two other local writers, Georgia Twynham and and Cassandra Parkin. Tickets for this and many other events over the course of the weekend are on sale now - you can get details and find the numbers to call to get tickets in this leaflet. Lincoln is an absolutely beautiful town, filled with fascinating shops, historical buildings, and my favourite tea shop in the world, so if you live nearby do hop on the train or bus or organise a car-ride and come down to take part in the Festival. Remember that if you're a Dear Reader, there is always an extremely loving welcome waiting for you from me (provided you tell me who you are, which, as we have discussed in the past, is A Rule).

And now for my promised list of my top six songs by male artists or male led bands!


And here, the Spotify playlist with male/female songs together, plus a few songs that almost nearly not quite made the cut:



Rachel Balcombe said...

Reading this made me feel a bunch of emotions! I'm so sorry you're still poorly, and I say again that I hope you feel better soon. I'm happy for you that the London thing went well, and that you've got another event coming up, but I'm sad that I have missed/will miss both of them! Also your music choices are excellent. :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Rachel: Thank you, my lovely! The worst thing right now is what my doctor calls 'post-infection fatigue' which basically means I feel tired, tired, tired, even when all I do all day is lie around coughing and putting eyedrops in. Eugh.

curtis03 Lewis said...

I am so pleased to know about these music and books events. I am very sad that I missed this London event but I’ll try to attend your NY events. It’s really sad that you are not feeling good but I hope you will feel better soon!

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