Friday, 17 April 2015


Sorry, my lovelies! I know I've promised various things for this week - a list of my top six songs by male artists or male led bands, an account of my panel on YA Literature at the London Book Fair, and also details of *another* book event that I'm doing soon at the Lincoln Inspired Festival. I haven't forgotten!

But on Friday/Saturday last week, only a couple of days after I finished my copyedit of Frail Human Heart, fate decided to sandbag me (yet again!), this time with a dose of tonsillitis, a vicious bug that I thought I had left behind in adolescence. I managed to keep it together enough to still get myself to London and participate in LBF on Tuesday, and then get myself home again afterwards, but not only has the infection proved extremely resistant to antibiotics, I've also turned out to be one of those people who gets fairly awful nausea while on penicillin, and have now, oh joy,  developed a horrible, wracking cough, which is aggravating my asthma no end and doesn't help even a little bit. I've lost my voice completely and have reached the point where I no longer wish to get better, but only for the sweet embrace of death.

TMI? Probably TMI. Well, don't worry, I won't detail my sufferings any further because a) they're not interesting to anyone, even me and b) if you're following me on Twitter you've already seen me miserably moaning about them over the last several days. But basically, I've tried my best to muscle through it, and although I'm so proud and happy to have been part of the London Book Fair and had a fantastic time there meeting up with some of my favourite people, I'm fairly sure that attempting to carry on as usual has made it all far worse than it needed to be. So now I'm going to give in, heed official advice, and just rest as much as I can until I start to feel human again. This means the Zolah-Machine is out of order for a little bit. Hopefully posting will resume some time next week, but I can't make any promises.

If you're waiting for a prize in the post from me, I'm afraid there will probably be a few more day's delay, and I apologise wholeheartedly. You will get your books soon, promise. 

And yes, before anyone kindly emails me or sends me comments - I do take an excellent multivitamin and mineral supplement, eat an extremely healthy balanced diet which is high in leafy greens and other vegetables, and exercise on a daily basis. I also use a SAD light to stimulate the production of healthy chemicals in my body when the weather is dull. If you can think of a way to avoid getting ill, it's pretty certain I've already tried it. Sadly, I just have a rubbish immune system for various reasons, and have to accept that and try and work around it as best I can.

Take care of yourselves, and I'll read you later, muffins!


Rachel Balcombe said...

Oh no, that sounds horrrible, I'm so sorry! Have lots of bed rest and I hope you get better soon *sends hugs and chocolate*

Isabel said...

Feel better soon Zoe! Congrats on finishing up FHH :)

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