Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hello, Dear Readers! Welcome to Tuesday. Today I'm revealing the winner of the very first Mega Exclusive The Night Itself giveaway. Thank you to everyone for entering and for adding the book on Goodreads and spreading the word about this giveaway.

Just to refresh all our memories! This is what someone is about to win:

So let's do our random number generator thing, baby! The winner of all this amazing booty is...





Yay, Laura! Congratulations! Get in touch and let me know your address ASAP so that I can give it to Lovely Lass, who will dispatch all this booty to you, you lucky thing.

If you entered this time but didn't win, you're probably feeling pretty rubbish right now. BUT! There will be another giveaway next month with an identical prize to win - including an ARC of The Night Itself - and then ANOTHER the month after that. So you have two more chances to win (and after that it's only another month until the book comes out anyway). And just in case that's not enough? I'm doing a giveaway of three copies of Katy Moran's wonderful new book Hidden Among Us next week too. So stay tuned for that.

Thursday's post, which is an intriguing interview with Katy, will be a scheduled post because I'm going to be travelling that day. What this means (for those of you who don't spend your spare time faffing about with blogs) is that I'm going to try and set blogger to automatically post it for me at a certain time. However, in the past I've had very little luck with getting blogger to do this. So if the post doesn't turn up early on Thursday morning, nobody panic. I will post it when I get back home Thursday afternoon. This is part of Katy's blog tour for Hidden Among Us (see lovely banner to the right) so you can check out the other great posts related to the book if you need something to do in the meantime.

Joy and happiness to all! See you (hopefully) on Thursday morning :)


Jessica said...

*Big dramatic falling to the knees gesture*


Does this mean I might have to wait until July to read this?

Zoë Marriott said...

Jessica: Maybe not! You might win in April or May - you just have to make sure that you enter :)

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