Monday, 4 March 2013


Hello, Dear Readers. I hope that you're all well on this fine Tuesday.

Before I start properly, here's a link to YA author Marie Lu (who's books I have not read yet, although I plan to) talking about that pet peeve of mine, the idea of 'Boy Books' and 'Girl Books'. Gnargh. Go get 'em, Marie!

Now onto me. As normal at this point in revisions (roughly midway through, I would guess? When you're cutting chunks out and then writing new chunks and pasting them in it gets tricky to really know), I am starting to feel the frail bonds of sanity unravelling from around my brain. I mean, I sometimes literally I can feel this happening - like a sort of slithering and then a snap, like an elastic band snapping? In my head? Oh dear. That's not good, is it? So it's going to be tough to get sense out of me before I've sent this off back to Wonder Editor. But I'll do my best with what few wits I have left at my disposal.

Luckily, despite the post title, today's blog is not about my edits and my swiftly deteriorating mental state! I'm basically just here to give you a heads up that Thursday's post will be EXCITING.

"How will it be exciting?" You cry eagerly.

Oh ho ho, I will give you a hint, my little duckies. It will be exciting in a The Night Itself sort of way. A way which involves rare and exclusive goodies of untold wonder which I am preeeetty sure you will very much want to get your hands on, especially months and months before anyone else does. Oh, yes. It is, in fact, an advanced proof-copy sort of excitingness.

And that's all you get!

(I was going to put that .gif here of the Wicked Queen from Snow White disppearing under the floor, but I couldn't find it. So just imagine it. This is me... disappearing under the floor. Mwaaaha hahh ha ha ha!)


Emma said...

SQEEEEE!!!! *dances*

Good luck with the edits - stocking up on tea and chocolate sounds necessary!

Zoë Marriott said...

Emma: VERY necessary :)

Laura Mary said...

Embrace the brain unravelling! Sometimes it's nice to visit crazy town.
So long as you remember to come back at some point!

Zoë Marriott said...

Laura: I don't even know if I believe in Sane-Town's existence anymore. *Gibbers*

Isabel said...

YEEEE so excited for Thursday!!

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: Eeeeexcellent :)

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