Saturday, 1 August 2015


Hurray, its Saturday! We made it, munchkins! And as a reward, I bring you Day #6 of the FRAIL HUMAN HEART Blogtour, where we will be be visiting the delightful Luna, one of the trilogies biggest fans and a true Renaissance blogger (because she can do everything - no really, check out her jewellery shop).

And not only do we get to visit Luna's Little Library today, but it's another exclusive, never-seen-before deleted scene from the trilogy. From Hikaru's PoV! There may be slight spoilers ahead, so brace yourselves!

I will be back tomorrow to link you to the next deleted scene, so don't forget to check in then. And just in case, here's a summary of all the links so far:

Day #1, Pewterwolf - Snippet from the book
Day #2, KitKatscanRead - Snippet from the book
Day #3, Feeling Fictional - Snippet from the book
Day #4, Teens on Moon Lane - Snippet from the book
Day #5, The Reader's Corner, Jack & Hikaru 'Deleted Scene' - spoilers!

See you on Sunday!

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