Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Happy Tuesday, Dear Readers! Today is the ninth and final day of the FRAIL HUMAN HEART Blogtour, and we are paying a visit to the frankly gorgeous website of the frankly gorgeous Daphne of Winged Reviews, where I ramble on at some length about my inspiration and initial creative process for THE NAME OF THE BLADE TRILOGY.

Nine whole days of blogging in a row! I'm not sure I've ever done that before - but it's been fun, hasn't it? Below is the round up of all the stops in the tour:

Day #1, Pewterwolf - Snippet from the book
Day #2, KitKatscanRead - Snippet from the book
Day #3, Feeling Fictional - Snippet from the book
Day #4, Teens on Moon Lane - Snippet from the book
Day #5, The Reader's Corner, Jack & Hikaru Deleted Scene - major spoilers!
Day #6,  Luna's Little Library, Hikaru Deleted Scene - not really spoilery
Day #7, SisterSpooky, Mio & Shinobu Deleleted Scene - pretty spoilery!
Day #8, Serendipity Reviews, Detailed interview with Viv
Day #9, Winged Reviews, In Depth Inspiration Post

The number of reviews on the FRAIL HUMAN HEART page on Amazon has grown and I am so happy and grateful - thank you to everyone who's popped on to leave their thoughts and a rating so far. I'm thinking that once I get to ten, that's when I'll pick one person to win that really special super prize related to the trilogy, which will hopefully make their reviewing efforts worthwhile.

Also a quick reminder that not this weekend but the weekend before I totally overhauled and remade my website. The new one can be found at the exact same website address (handy, right?) of www.zoe.marriott.com, and I'd love to hear from you about it using the new email form or here in the comments. Do you like it? Miss anything from the old site? Is there anything new you'd like me to add? Let me know!

Finally, to ease the pain of the ending of this most magnificent blogtour, I'm going to be doing a guest post on the Author's Allsorts tomorrow called DASTARDLY TROPES in which I weigh in, at some length, about what is and is not a trope and how we should use or discard them in order to make our writing stronger. So if that's the kind of thing you like, pop in here again tomorrow for the link or else head straight to the Author's Allsorts.

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