Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Hi All! I hope you've had enough of intense, looong writing related posts lately, because I'm kind of buried at the moment. To wit:

  1. I've realised my last Wrenching Scene of Emotional Devastation is not Wrenching enough, and I've decided to re-write it before moving on, because this scene and the way it effects all the characters is the emotional heart of the story. I've been through various options on how to make it stronger, which ranged from killing the dog (my writing peeps did not like this idea) to changing the conclusion of the scene so that it's much longer, and more difficult for the heroine. In order to find out what I decided, you will have to read the book (mwaa-haa-haaa!)
  2. I'm trying to find a part-time job and I've had interviews. *Nerve-Wracking* I am not at my best in a pair of sensible pumps and a navy suit.
  3. I'm hoping to find out this week about some financial stuff involving The Royal Literary Fund, which is also mundo nerve-wracking, as it could make a huge difference to me.
So, I offer you a Tips for Young Writers vid, to fill up the empty gap which would otherwise be left in your day by my inability to post anything coherent. That's just how much I love you, my pretties.

P.S. I'm thinking the blog might be a good place for me to answer questions, which I've previously been doing on my website. So if I get comments or emails with interesting questions about writing or the publishing industry, I'll try to put together a post or two to answer them. Pass it on - I can't answer questions if no one asks any.


chelleyreads said...

thanks for the video! i'm not a writer but i like learning how authors organized their ideas. seeing your lovely notebooks makes me want to start journaling again (something i abandoned in college).

Zoë Marriott said...

Notebooks are not just for writers: they are for *everyone*. 'Cos look how pretty they are!

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