Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Last Wednesday on The Zoë-Trope I interviewed the rather awesome author Karen Mahoney (whose blog and website you should really check out) and also offered a giveaway of my copy of her debut novel THE IRON WITCH. Which I know you all want because just look at that cover! *Lusts*

I've been urged to post the result for this giveaway early by certain people who showed signs of actually bursting from the suspense. Which, you know. Euw. Messy. That stuff doesn't just come out with Vanish.

So as soon as I'd finished walking my dog, bathing the mud off my dog, feeding my dog and cats and slurping a large mug of tea to help me recover from the above, I popped over to the random number generator and typed in the stats.


The winner is...

Which I'm delighted about because, frankly, she was one of the ones who I thought might just explode all over the place. No one wants to have to clean that up.

Megha, please email me with your postal address as soon as you can, and I will send The Iron Witch to you, along with a few secret bits of swag. Congratulations. And thanks to everyone who entered for spreading the word.

For all you who are drooping over your keyboards now - never fear! Next week I will be interviewing another fabulous author person - Cat Clarke - here, and doing another giveaway, this time of Cat's stunning 2011 debut novel ENTANGLED. There's everything still to play for!

I'm seriously spoiling you guys. I don't even know what you did to deserve all this. I suppose it's 'cos you're just so darn cute. Anyway, I'll see you on Friday, when I will be dredging the archives for a RetroPost from last year. Take care 'til then!


Isabel said...

Wow, if there was ANYONE I'd like to win almost as much as me, it would be Megha. CONGRATS, GIRL! Of course I would have liked to have won, but there's always the upcoming giveaway! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ZOE!!!!!! Seriously, you're SO FREAKING NICE TO US. Two giveaways in two weeks. Wow. I can't wait!!!! Now I'm going to work on getting my hands on The Iron Witch some other way. It's come out here, too, right?

I hope you re-post "Never-ending Stories" or "Insecurity: I Haz It" because the first was super inspirational and the second made me cry besides being super inspirational. :) Looking forward to it.

Zoë Marriott said...

I was delighted that it was such a faithful blog reader who won! The Random Number Gods must have been on her side. But luckily, yes, TIW is out in the US now too, so you can still read it fairly easily.

I haven't made my mind up about what to post yet! And I'm not giving it away, so you'll just have to wait and see :)

I'mDifferentButMe said...

Congratulations, and I agree with Isabel, you are soooo nice to your fans (there's no such thing as too nice). I'm glad you're so nice, I've met authors in the past who've not been very nice and just hurry through everything. :) So thanks for being so nice to all your fans

Megha said...


Frankly, I don't know what to say. My cheeks are hurting. I am HAPPY. SUPER. MEGA. HAPPY.



And good timing too. I JUST opened my high school allocation form, and I GOT THE HIGH SCHOOL OF MY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could anyone make this day ANY better?! NO WAY. THERE WILL BE NOOOOOO DAY THIS GOOD!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Zoë Marriott said...

I'mMe: Thank you! I do make an effort - but I also think I have more time because, to be honest, I don't have as many fans as big-time authors do. If was getting fifty emails a day and 200 comments on each post, it might be harder.

Megha: Now, how did I guess you would be pleased? Perhaps I'm psychic? It does sound like you're having a wonderful day, and I'm very happy to have made it a little better. Congratulations. I got your email and I'll post the parcel out to you this weekend. And of course you don't have to give me anything in return - this is a giveaway! The whole point was for me to *give something away*. Silly :)

Megha said...

But I really feel like I should give you something to show you my gratitude. And also, I don't think I'm showing how happy I am. It's REALLY hard to express SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!!

Zoë Marriott said...

LOL! No, no, I think you are expressing both gratitude and happiness extremely well. Like, if you expressed them much better, my laptop might explode. It is honestly fine.

Megha said...

Haha. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Hahahaha!


I can't wait to get a copy of TIW! AND I REALLY WONDER WHAT THE SWAG WILL BE!

When will I get it? I mean, no force and stuff, I just wanted to know.

Zoë Marriott said...

I'll go into town and post it at the weekend, so hopefully you'll get it Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Megha said...

Okay. Thanks!!!

I seemed to have calmed down now. I can't wait to find out what schools my friends are going to!

Anonymous said...

Sigh...So sad i didn't win because here in Canada the bookstores are all plotting against me and hide all the good books behind...not so good books..

But congratulations to Megha, you lucky duck.

ps. i really hope you repost "Some Thoughts on Twilight"...its one of those not so good books that evil bookstores hide all the great stuff behind, and I almost fell off my chair laughing when i read it


Isabel said...

Katie-Lynn: SO RIGHT. I WANT YOU TO RE-POST THAT ONE TOO!!!! I forgot how much I loved it :)

Emma said...

YEY! Congratulations Megha!I'm really happy you won!
It was so hard not to enter but I thought it would be really selfish of me after winning such an amazing prize last time! x

Anonymous said...

No, you should've entered! Hehe.

1. Insecurity: I Haz It
2. Never-Ending Stories
3. Teenage Superheroes
4. Your first post ever (PLEASE!)
5. Virtual Tour of the Writing Cave
6. Make of it what you will


Zoë Marriott said...

Katie-Lynn: I'll keep your vote in mind.

Emma: that was very noble of you. You get an extra karma point.

Megha: thanks for your votes too. My first post wasn't that interesting, I don't think, just something like 'Squee! I have a blog'. But I'll make a note of your preferences for future Retro-Fridays.

Anonymous said...

I *LOVE* the writing cave one, because your house is SO pretty!

On another note, I might not be able to read The Iron Witch for a while, because I'm reading HP & the Philosopher's Stone, and also because my teacher lent me Northern Lights, and I don't want to keep it for too long.

I will try and finish these book ASAP, though. And I CAN'T WAIT to see the swag. Oh my god. I love secret stuff :D

If you don't mind - and I mean, IF YOU DON'T MIND - could you send me your autograph? I really DO mean, IF YOU DON'T MIND. Please. I feel bad saying this as if I'm asking too much.

Okay, just forget the last paragraph. Please forget I said that. I feel bad. REALLY bad.

Zoë Marriott said...

Megha: Once again - it's all fine. You win the book, you do what you want with it. You're not on a deadline, get to it when you want to. And I will certainly send you my autograph, since you ask so beautifully. Now stop freaking out and go read something awesome.

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