Monday, 30 August 2010


And that, my pretties, is what a completely edited and revised manuscript looks like. If you're thinking ' kinda looks like Hell': Why, yes, I do believe you're right. And so did I by the time I finished it (I tried taking a picture but...I believe some people under the age of eighteen read this blog, and I wouldn't want to traumatise them. Besides, I write fantasy, not horror). Many thanks to the amazing Furtive Scribbler's Club for their revision suggestions, especially Rachel, for being willing to have all my characters hate her forever more, in order to make the book better.

I pressed the send button on Friday evening and now it is with Yasmin, my agent. Fingers crossed that she likes it - then it will go to Annalie, my editor and we'll cross our fingers again, not just that she likes it, but also that she feels it is a complete book, so that my Two Book Series Plan can go ahead.

Anyway, after a glorious weekend of baking (mmmm, plum and pecan crumble) and reading (got through all Kelley Armstrong's The Summoning books and all Claudia Gray's Evernight books, plus half of Beautiful Creatures) I'm back hard at work today on what I hope will be the second book of the two book series - but which might actually end up being the second half of the book I just submitted, in which case, my ass needs to be in gear. Mrgh.

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natshannon said...

I'm sure they will like it your a great writer :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Thank you! Cross your fingers for me anyway, though, right?

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