Friday, 13 August 2010


*Waves from the trenches*

Hi everyone. I've had a week of insane up and downs and I thought I'd share a few with you this wet and windy Friday (I think we've had our chips as far as summer goes, here in the UK).

1) In the downs, take a look at these images for a glimpse of how my revising is going. If it looks like the pages are bleeding to death? That's pretty accurate.

2) In the ups, my new laptop arrived! I call it The Scalpel, because it's thin and silver and shiny.

3) In the downs, I got ripped off trying to buy an ARC of Cassandra Clare's new book, Clockwork Angel, from eBay (I should point out that when I buy an ARC because I can't wait to get my hands on the story, I *always* also buy the official copy later, because otherwise you're depriving the author of sales that could make a big difference to their success). Turns out the guy doesn't have any ARCs. He's just charging £19.99 for a 'pre-order' for the book and conveniently forgetting to leave the fact that he doesn't have any copies yet off the listing page!

4) In the ups, my editor says she can get me an advanced copy of Clockwork Angel anyway (d'oh! I totally forgot that Cassandra Clare has the same British publisher as me. What an idiot).

5) Another up - I've seen a provisional version of the Shadows on the Moon cover and it is SWOONWORTHY. They're still tweaking it and I'm still working on a good tagline for it, so I'm not allowed to show yet, but I will say that I'm very proud to be published by Walker Books, who've kicked that whole RaceFail thing right to the curb and have given me a proud and beautiful Japanese styled cover. Whee! Images as soon as I get clearance, my pretties.


Anonymous said...

More ups than downs, I would say.
Anyway, remember me? Yes, it's your friend from downstairs (Hehe. That came from Percy Jackson - I'm being hypnotized by the book).
Yes, the pages are bleeding but I'm sure that means Frost Fire will be great!

Zoë Marriott said...

Lucky you! I'm off new books again until this revision is done. *Le Sigh*

As for FrostFire - I must admit that it's not sucking so hard since I got past chapter three. It still sucks, you understand. It's just not Epik Sukk anymore; I can fix it. Those first three chapters are dead, though. Complete re-write needed. *Le Sigh Again*

batgirl said...

You'll roll your eyes if I say that I envy you having lots to cut. I remember having lots to cut on Willow Knot. I liked it compared to having lots to write yet (20k?) on Cost of Silver. Right now it's like pushing the manure cart up the mountain.

Anyway, hurrah for Walker being RaceWin! I'm thinking of going to my local independent bookshop and buying all the YA I can find with visible minority characters on the covers. Then I can tell Mark I'm adding to my TBR pile in support of diversity in publishing. Yes.
He'll go for that, I'm sure.

Zoë Marriott said...

I much preferred working on TSK and DotF, where I had to ADD scenes; the scenes I add in editing normally turn out to be my favourites later on. Although I wouldn't even mind cutting so much if I just felt like it was making things *better*. But I feel more like I'm rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

I wish so much I could post the initial image here and show you the cover, but I'd get in real trouble. However, I'm now worrying about the Candlewick version...

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