Thursday, 19 August 2010


Wordle: FrostFire

Wordle: Is a pretty darn good way to waste time for a writer! Anyway, this word cloud is from the synopsis for the first FrostFire book and gives you what I think is a really fascinating insight into the characters and plot.

The second one below is from the synopsis of the second book. Again, it rather eerily conveys the shape of the story and even some character developments. This gave me a shiver when I looked at it. Seriously.

Wordle: FrostFire Book 2

HOW DID THE PROGRAMME KNOW TO PUT LUCA THERE??? Psychic computers - the zombies of the future.

Oh, well. Back to this interogation scene...


batgirl said...

Why are you taunting me with things I should not be wasting time on?

Zoë Marriott said...

Possibly because when I blogged about this I was procrastinating so hard that I created my own Procrast-a-field, which has now sucked you in as well. Sorry!

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