Tuesday, 17 August 2010


This is what I am today. So ashamed! There I was, bouncing out of bed, filled with enthusiam and eagerness to start writing new chapters for FrostFire (which...might not be called that anymore, guys, but more about that another day), dashing out to take my dog for an energetic walk in the rain, making myself a huuuge mug of tea and sitting down to GET STARTED RAWR and then...

Nothing happened.

I'm so sorry, FrostFire. It's not you. It's me. This happens to writers sometimes. Maybe I'm tired or too stressed out about other things. You're beautiful, really. I still love you. I just couldn't perform for you today.

But tomorrow! Tomorrow will be different! I promise. Tomorrow I will not get sucked into spending hours reading the archives of authors I love for 'inspiration'. I will not spend way too long updating my book wishlist, following links on YA Highway and laughing at cartoons by Allie of Hyperbole and a Half (warning this link contains baaad language and messed up stuff. Enjoy!).

No. Tomorrow, I will be better. Tomorrow, I will work hard and make you awesome. As awesome as you truly deserve to be.

Tomorrow is another day (thank you Scarlett).

In the meantime...other creative people are feeling my pain (more bad language, kids!).

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