Friday, 23 February 2018


Hello, lovely readers! A new post for you today - TALES FROM THE TRUNK - over on Author Allsorts, on how (not) to deal with rejection once you've been published. This involves the story of my very first novel, which became my third novel, which became, eventually, the Giant Killer Clockwork Praying Mantis Death Robot book. And the reason that there was a two year gap between the publication of Daughter of the Flames and Shadows on the Moon.

Check it out!

Monday, 12 February 2018


Hello and happy February Dear Readers! Happy Chinese New Year to any readers who celebrate it as well.

Today you get two posts for the price of one, although both of them are hosted over on other sites. Please do click through to check them out and share them if you like them.

The first is 'Away With The Fairies: Living Between Two Worlds' which is on the Royal Literary Fund's Collection Showcase. This is a light-hearted piece which goes into the effect of living an imaginative and creative life on the way that others may perceive you.

The second is rather less light-hearted (I did try, but the piece just didn't want to go that way) called 'White Noise' over on the Author Allsorts site. This is the story of how I went from an author who craved peace and solitude to one who is delighted to work in busy places surrounded by others.

In other news I'm still working on my watery-themed fairytale retelling and have finally chucked everyone right into the sea, by way of wrecking their ship, hurray! Yes, this is a cause for celebration. Shut up.

As before, I do have more exciting news to share, but the wheels of publishing grind exceedingly slow, and it's an author's lot to keep their mouth firmly shut. However, here's a shot of me working in my local coffee place a couple of weeks ago when something rather lovely turned up in my inbox:

Hopefully you will feel this level of delight when I can finally talk about it!

You'll notice my hair's finally growing out, by the way. What do you think, should I go back to shoulder length or maybe try something even more drastic and revisit the bob from 2007? Let me know what you think!

Take care and read you later, lovelies.
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