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Hello, Dear Readers! I come to you with an unprecedented Wednesday post in order to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Ahem. I beg your pardon. In order to tell you about the UK Book Tour of Cassandra Clare's latest Mortal Instruments novel City of Lost Souls - which I am going to be part of!

Cassie is going to be doing various events all across the UK, and at each one a YA book blogger (yes, apparently I'm close enough to count) will get to meet her SQUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Huh? Oh, sorry. Yes I get to meet Cassandra Clare and do a short interview with her - on behalf of you, her lovely fans.

This is my stop:

 An Evening with Cassandra Clare: Sheffield
Date: Thursday 31st May, 5.30 p.m.
Location: Library Theatre, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 1XZ
Tickets: £3, or £2 for under 18s and NUS cardholders, available from Waterstones Orchard Square, Sheffield. To book call 0114 272 8971. 
For more information visit

Now, on each tour stop Cassandra will be concentrating on one particular set of characters. And I - O Glory of Glories - have been assigned Jace and Clary.

*Manfully holds back yet another squee*

*Lies down for a minute*

Okay, I'm back.

That's right, I've been assigned the Big Kahuna Ship of the Mortal Instruments, everyone's favourite angelic blonde and redhead couple: JACE AND CLARY.

And I didn't even need to blackmail or threaten or bribe anyone or ANYTHING! How cool is that?

This is how it works:
  1. You ask me the questions about Jace and Clary
  2. I ask Cassandra Clare the questions about Jace and Clary
  3. I give you the skinny on Jace and Clary
  4. PROFIT!
How could it possibly go wrong?

Well, except for the high likelihood of me fangirling myself into hyperventilation and having to be carried from the room with my skirt over my head while Ms Clare phones her agent, publisher and attorney to ensure I'm never allowed with five hundred yards of her again.

*Nervous laughter*


So now it's all down to you, Cassandra Clare fans. What burning questions do you have about Jace, Clary, and their relationship that you would give *anything* to corner Cassie and ask? What simply *must* you know? Tell me in the comments, and I will be your Mortal Instruments related messenger!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You're going to be asking Cassie Clare questions about Jace and Clary?!?! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They're one of my top OTPs. I ship them hardcore.

I want you to ask her:

1) If they're finally going to do the dirty (ahem) in CoHF? We have been waiting for them do it all throughout FIVE days! I'm sexually frustrated for them, haha!

2) Jace is not a virgin (gasp!) so I'd like to know who he's lost his virginity to? Was it to Izzy (ew!)? Or some random girl? Oh, oh, and how many girls did he sleep with? YES, I'd like to know the answers to all these questions. I'm sure almost everyone does too, lol!

3) Is it not a question --- but she'd better not break up Jace and Clary in the next book! Or she'll have fans protesting outside her door. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap. I meant FIVE books not five DAYS. God, I sounded like an idiot. :D

Zoë Marriott said...

Anon: Questions noted. And don't worry, I got what you meant :)

Sophie said...

Okay, my favorite scene was on the boat in Venice. Props to Cassie for making it sweet and melancholy and yes, hot. But, I have to ask Jace (I know he's a teenage boy but he is a bit of a romantic, denying it or using snarky air quotes, I'm a mom and I'll read right through those ;)) -- what was he thinking about while drifting around with Clary??

And then for Clary -- now that Jace is no longer PossessedJace, is there one moment in Europe she'd like to re-visit with NormalJace?

Zoe, have a wonderful time with Cassie and give her a hug from MundieMomSophie.

Rebecca Lindsay said...

This is amazing!!! What a great oppertunity! :D
I just looked at her tour dates and she isn't coming to Scotland :/

At the moment I have no questions to ask, Anon pretty much asked them all for me lol

Sophie said...

Posted on Mundie Moms by Kerrie:

Cassie, how has the heavenly fire effectd Jace? He's already been infused with an angels blood, more so than your average nephalim, and he has the Herondale scar. There are so many times we read that someone or something cant be killed by anything on earth. Is this Jaces' gift/curse? Is he now a weapon?

Anonymous said...

dear cassie!! i love your books!! can you tell us when is going to be CoLS in spanish?!? i'm diyng without CoLS!! every day a little bit more...

whispering words said...

Hey Zoe! So jealous you get to meet and interview Cassie Clare! *Sigh* it seems no authors visit Newcastle... although, my father lives in sheffield, Me thinks it may be time for a visit :)

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
I am a huge shipper, and I want to ask did you use any characters from past literature (e.g. Dickens or Hardy) to inspire Clary and Jace? Or are there any that just remind you of them, for instance, Tessa and Will in the Infernal Devices are like Sydney and Lucie in A Tale of Two Cities.

Isabel said...

Wow, you are so lucky!! I'm ridiculously jealous. I haven't read City of Lost Souls quite yet, so I don't really have any questions, but would you mind just telling her that I say hi, and that I'm a huge fan of her books? Have fun!

LeJazzBe said...

Wow - how lucky are you to meet Cassie and especially to ask questions about Clary and Jace, yes I am jealous.

I would like to know:

Was it "love at first sight" for Jace and Clary and if so, what did it for each of them?

When did they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, who asked who or was it just assumed?

LeJazzBe said...

Lucky You -

I have to ask, now that Jace has "Heavenly Fire" within him, can't Clary create a "fireproof" rune for herself?

Isabel said...

Now that I am reading the book, I would like you to ask her why Jace still loves Clary, even though he's under Sebastian's control, but not Alec and Isabelle and the rest of his family and friends? He doesn't ask about them or seem particularly concerned with their well-being. Is it simply because he's attracted to Clary?

Ruby97 said...

YOU. ARE. SO. LUCKY!!! :) Wow!! I would like to ask:
1. How did she come up with a relationship so complex and strong as Jace and Clarys? I mean, so many little things had to happen to bring them together :')

2. What does Cassie think kept Clary with Jace, through everything that happened.

And 3. Has this series turned out how she expected? even from the start.

Oh my god i am so jealous of you! Thanks for doing this though :) PS you should tell her Australia is an awesome place to tour for her next book *Hint Hint* :)xxxx

Vick Linde said...

Hi Zoe,
I would be very interested to know if Cassie has had any trouble from the public/groups/bookshops etc. with writing about Clary and Jace's relationship in terms of their increasing intimacy and maturity. I was wondering if it is difficult writing a couple(both in CoLS and her other books) while obviously being aware of other authors who have experienced backlash against more mature relationships.
I adore the way that Cassie doesn't shy away from difficult topics and hope that all her experiences have been positive. The relationships are so fab, I love that we are continually surprised by them. I can't wait for more and am really looking forward to her collaboration with Holly Black.
Have an amazing time,

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