Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hi, everyone. Today's post comes to you with the sponsorship of Bleugh, God of Making People's Eyeballs Fall Out, who has been gleefully tormenting me since Tuesday. I've managed to keep my peepers in my skull thus far, but it was touch and go a few times.

But don't worry! Despite the imminent expiration of my eyeballs I still bring you a profound and deeply important post today. A post which may one day be looked back upon as a landmark in the history of the Western world. A post which could change the course of life as we know it.

Guys, I need you to tell me if you think I should cut my hair.

You may remember that back in April I cut my nearly waist-length hair to a much shorter (but still quite long!) layered cut with a fring (bangs, for the USians). So I went from this:

To this:

Now, my hair is very fast-growing, which means it's already a couple of inches longer than that again, but you get the idea. So I need to know if you think I should go from THAT (more or less) to this:


Clearly, I am not referring to transforming into a golden-skinned, perfectly groomed Goddess, but merely to being a person with a shoulder-length bob.

ETA: There has bee much useful discussion in the comments. To that end, I offer a new option, thusly:


The proper short bob. This was how I wore my hair for a very long time, and I do have nostalgic feelings about how easy it was to wash/dry, although it did mean styling every day since you can't get away with scraping it up if you're having a greasy/frizzy/general bad hair day.

I'm going to put a poll in the sidebar, so please let me know what you think. To chop, or not to chop? That is the question...


Diana Peterfreund said...

No, and here's why:

You're not going to get a significant "look" change from a "shoulder length bob." It's still going to read as a medium length and have the same face frame as your current style, but you'll have fewer styling choices (re: putting it up). It doesn't get it off your neck, but it makes it harder to GET off your neck. If you want to chop, then CHOP -- something that is a look change.

Speaking as someone who spent the last 2 years growing out her VERY short hair (me 2 years ago: vs now: the length in the starlet's picture was the most awkward and useless length of all. Not short enough to look different from "long" hair, but not long enough to do anything with it.

And since your hair grows quickly (mine does not) then you have less to lose if you want a big change and you CHOP chop. You can get back to the shoulder length bob in no time.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have long hair, but I can't do it - it looks terrible on me. So I say keep it, you have such lovely hair!
Oh - and I finally got to read Shadows... yay! Awesome! Def my fave of your books to date! I want an Otieno! Oh, and loved the acknowledgements too!
-Hobbit x

Zoë Marriott said...

Hmmm. Some very strong arguments from Diana and Hob there.

Diana: Your pictures are adorable. And I kind of love the short bob there, but I'm hesitant because if I go that short then I won't be able to put it up at all, which is something I always do when I'm working. But then again I may not be able to put it up if it's shoulder length either, so - something to think about.

Hob: Thanks! I kind of wish I had an Otieno around too, atm. I'm pretty sure he'd volunteer to hoover and walk my dog when I feel ill...

Diana Peterfreund said...

I have had short (SHORT!) hair for nearly ten years (the pics on the right were taken in 2005, the ones on the left in 2008: though I had nearly waist-length hair before that, and I actually found it much easier to deal with than long hair is.

Folks convinced me to grow it out so it would be easier to deal with with the baby. (It's not, and she likes to pull.)

But it's way easier to get it out of the way than middle length hair is. So I say either go short or don't cut it more than you did last time, because the cut you linked to with the starlet is a big ol' pain, in my experience.

serendipity_viv said...

Enjoy your long hair whilst you can. As you get older it seems to get harder to keep it long. I had all mine cut short when I became pregnant with the girls and I really do miss it. Unfortunately now I don't think it would suit me. You have such a lovely youthful face, keep it long and enjoy it.

Essjay said...

I'm another NO! Having long hair now and short hair in the past (plus a number of bob years) I must agree with Diana that it will give you far fewer options. Firstly you'll have to do some sort of serious styling everyday. Gone will be the days when you don't want to wash it so can scrape it up on top of your head and ignore it until the next day. Instead you'll be investing in hair grips to get those annoying short bits off your neck plus and headband as it'll be too short to get off your face too.

The bob, however, when styled is gorgeous but mine always seemed flicky in the wrong parts and generally difficult. Your long hair is gorgeous!

However, having said all this I understand the need to go for a change and it does grow back so you have nothing to lose.

Cat Clarke said...

I think you should go for it. No good reason. Just think it'd look cool!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with those who say get it really short if you want to go for it: but then I mean *really* short, like a pixie cut. But you probably suit longer hair better.
-Hobbit (again! You'd think I didn't have anything better to do than tell other people what to do with their hair...)

Liz said...


Talking to a girl who has had super long hair down to her bum. Talking to a girl who has had super short hair a la David Bowie.

Long hair allows you easier styling BUT for people who suffer from headaches and migraines, I was recommended shorter hair by my GP. I have fine but thick hair and the amount it pulls on my scalp is quite scary.

Even though I still suffer from the occasional headache and migraine, they are nothing compared to how much I suffered when my hair was far longer.

Also, I am far cooler (temperature wise rather than you know, hip and cool) with shorter hair and find that my asthma is also better.

I sound like a walking disaster zone, but not really. :-D

I'd go for short hair. Not a bob but dinkum shorter hair. You have a gorgeous face and a very pretty long neck. You need to show it off.

Zoë Marriott said...

Such insightful and interesting comments! But now I am ohsoconflicted! Should I go for a really short 1930's style bob, which will be a real change, get the hair off my neck and may help with headaches/migraines? Or should I enjoy having masses of hair while I still can? Argh!

Lynsey Newton said...

I like the pic you used and am in favour of chopping but still keeping enough length so you can put it up when you want (or can't be bothered to wash your hair). I loved my hair when I first had it chopped but not so much anymore although thank goodness I have length now so I can put it up. I think you have beautiful hair Zoe and it will look nice whatever you do but do not go for the pixie cut. Even Emma Watson couldn't pull that one off.

Alex Mullarky said...

I think it's nice long, however, I think you'll have to decide this one on your own! :D

Anonymous said...

Well. If you want short, I cut my hair short like this:


And I don't care what people say about it making me look like a boy. I love the hairstyle and they can just shove it up their ass. Lmao. I like looking like that so the heck with them.

Lauren said...

I've given this some considerable thought this morning, because it's like a major life-changing decision and everything.

I think you should go for a just-below-the-shoulders layered cut but with a fuller, side swept fringe, Ashley Olsen style. It'll totally suit your face shape, and you won't need to spend a ton of time styling it to get the 'different' look (I mean, that golden-skinned goddess has had a blow-dry and straighteners and about seven types of product to get that look, right?).

Then you'll either be able to wear it a little funked-up, or just let it hang in much the way your hair already does. And it'll still go into a ponytail if you want that.

Zoë Marriott said...

Everyone's put so much thought into this! Thank you all. I'm sure I don't deserve such friends! *Hugs everyone*

Jenni @ Juniper's Jungle said...

When I got to the end of your post I was most definitely in the keep it long camp (I have always had long hair myself and the idea of cutting it short terrifies me so much), you have such lovely hair and it suits you so well. But then reading the comments there are so many persuasive arguments for short, particularly from Liz (who knew hair length could have health implications?).

So this is a ramble of a comment to say I'm really sorry but I haven't a clue!

Joanna Farrow said...

You have LOVELY hair. I think shoulder length would suit best. BUT its hair. It grows. And yours grows like a pro, so IF you wanted to ne spur adventurous and go shortshort, you'd have the shoulder length do by Christmas.

Joanna Farrow said...

Typing on my phone is HARD!
'Wanted to be super adventurous'****

Isabel said...

The proper short bob at the bottom looks painfully adorable... you look lovely with the long hair, too, but I would love to see you with hair like that again! Thanks for setting up the poll. ;)

Shelby said...

DO NOT CUT IT!!!!! I wish I had as long hair as you:( Long hair is pretty. If you have long hair, you can pull it up, but you can never instantly make short hair long again!

Rebecca Lindsay said...

You should cut it to shoulder length like the "shiny goddess." That way it's a new, short hairdu but it would still be long enough to sort tie it up :)

rachael snelling said...

personally I think your hair is fab, although I think you would look great with the proper bob. but as you may remember at school I tended to go to extremes and still do! xx

Megz said...

I think the second (proper) bob looks REALLY awesome, and I know long hair can be a pain. So, well, chop it for now - you said your hair is fast-growing, so there's not much to lose if it's short for a few months!

Don't be so hesitant. :P LOL.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I love your hair how it is!

Anonymous said...

Zoe don't cut your beautiful hair! It's lovely. I had really long hair as a child and I loved it. Then, around the age of ten I had a hair revolution and and cut it into a little, chin-length french bob. I liked it for its practicality and it's great if you're a very active person, but you couldn't do anything with it. And most of all you have to put up with people either mistaking you for a boy (if your back is turned) or calling you cute - which, after a certain amount of time, is just unbearable.
I wouldn't recommend a shoulder length bob, because if your looking for a drastic change, it's not going to look very different. It'll suit you and its very nice and safe, but it isn't as easy as a short style and has less of the range of things to do with long hair.
Hope you keep it long, but if you want to change, consider having some streaks (natural colours would suit you best) or just wearing it differently. Experiment.

XX :)

Phoebeebuzz said...

I personally like it long, but so many people seem desperate 4 u 2 cut it.

If u have a desperate urge to chop it all off, I would go 4 a pixie crop like Emma Watson rather than the bob.

It would suit u much more like that. It would look very nice with you're face and be very daring.

Then again, u could go all-bets-are-off crazy and be completely spontaneous. Go red or something. Entirely up 2 u though.

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