Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hello, hello, hello Dear Readers! Welcome to Tuesday - which for most people living in the UK is pretty much a Monday this week, after the Easter Bank Holiday, and consequently a huge bummer. There, there, my lovelies! I know it sucks, but remember, you still have a short week. And let me bring some extra cheer and delight to your sad little hearts by announcing the winners of the Hidden Among Us Giveaway!

If you remember, the criteria to enter this one was really simple - you just had to tweet about the giveaway with the hashtag #hiddenamongus and be living in the UK. So this morning I nipped onto Twitter and employed my random number mojo once more to pick out THREE winners, each of whom will recieve a copy of Katy Moran's enchanting new novel Hidden Among Us and a signed and *personalised* bookplate to stick in it, too.


The winners are...





Congratulations, ladies! Please get in touch with me via email [z d marriott (at) gmail (dot) (c0m)] as soon as possible to let me know your addresses and the preferred names that you would like Katy to write on your bookplates!

For anyone still feeling sad and gloomy today (anyone who didn't win, in other words) just remind yourselves that there will be another MEGA EXCLUSIVE THE NIGHT ITSELF GIVEAWAY later on this month. Plus, it's my birthday this week and no one is allowed to be gloomy on my birthday!

And if that wasn't enough to dry your tears, here is a link to the NEW, extended trailer for the CITY OF BONES film which I am so excited about that when the *old* trailer came on this weekend when I was at the pictures (to see THE HOST - also a really ace film which everyone should check out) I bounced up and down and squealed and freaked my fellow movie-goers out completely. But the new one shows even more good stuff and... look, just check it out. Nrggh.

See you all on Thursday!


Jessica said...


Zoë Marriott said...

Congratulations, Jessica!

Mulch said...

Hello, er this isn't really about your blog, I just wanted to pop in a drop a little message for you somewhere. You see, I just finished FrostFire and somewhere along the lines I realized I recognized your name and the story setting. Turns out, I've read all of your books without meaning to! It was such a strange moment, diving under my bed, digging out the books and putting two and two together. But the one thing all of your books had in common (probably the reason I finally figured out they were all by you) is that I read every single one of them within a day. One day. I stayed up until half one in morning to read FrostFire because it was just utterly spectacular. I love that with every book you write I find myself being sucked into your every word, and then spat out into a world described in such vivid detail and colour that I loose myself in it completely. And while I'm gushing (quite unashamedly I might add :) your female character KICK BUTT! In more ways then one. It's so refreshing to read a female character who rings true, real. Someone I can finally relate to and think "Yes, you're a great role model." but not because they're amazingly pretty or amazingly smart but because they grow strong throughout your books and learn to use their heads and hearts to their advantage. All of this gushing ramble really amounts to one thing really, a thank you. A thank you for sharing your stories and straying from the usual pattern of fantasy novels. I love that your not afraid to be different, and really I just love your storytelling.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I look forward to whatever you write next, because I can assure you it will arrive on my shelf.^_^

Zoë Marriott said...

Mulch: Um. Wow. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I'm really emotional over here; I don't often get responses like this and it means a lot to me. I'm overjoyed that you've liked my stories so much and have found something special in them. I makes everything feel worthwhile. You just keep reading, I promise I will keep writing :)

Rhia said...

Happy Birthday for whenever it is this week!

Unknown said...

Ah yay! Emailing you now, thanks Zoë and congrats to Eleanor & Jessica too! And happy birthday for when it is :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Rhia: Thank you :)

Amy: Got it, replied. And thank you, too!

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