Monday, 3 June 2013


Hello, Dear and adorable Readers! No, your eyes do not deceive you - I *am* posting a day early today. This is because I'm going to be travelling for a chunk of this week, and also because I'm about to put the blog on hiatus for a little while. Don't panic - I'm only talking the rest of this week and then next week. I'll be back on the 18th of June. I'm hoping to make some really good headway on a new set of edits for The Name of the Blade book #2 during that period, so send me good thoughts.

In the meantime! Here's an article on my love of geeks which I wrote for the delightful SisterSpooky's Geek Week. Check it out - I'm giving hinty hints about The Night Itself which you may enjoy. I also wrote a post on Jack, the lesbian character in The Night Itself, for The Gay YA blog, in which I talk about you guys and how you helped me to decide how Jack should be written. That'll be up sometime today, so if you don't see it right now just check back later.

And now onto the most important part of this blog! It's time to pick the winner for the very last Mega Exclusive The Night Itself Giveaway, who will recieve all of this:

These will be sent directly by Lovely Lass from Walker Books London offices. And in addition, I will be sending the winner a signed copy of any one of my published books (they get to pick), a hardback copy of Amy McCulloch's The Oathbreaker's Shadow and a paperback copy of Emma Pass' ACID, plus a fistful of other swag. I said MEGA giveaway, and mega I meant.

So! Who out of all the plucky entrants will win today's feast of awesome? Let's ask Random Number Org, shall we?

Entry number 7 wins the day! And that just happens to be...






Congratulations, Luna! Drop me a line at z d marriott (AT) g mail (DOT) com and let me know the postal address where you would like your haul delivered, and also which book you'd like me to sign for you. 

To everyone else who entered this giveaway - and each of the others - helping to spread the buzz and be part of my excitement about this book, thank you. I've appreciated everything that you've done so much, especially the gorgeous fanart, which sincerely moved and humbled me. Not everyone could win, and I'm sorry that some of you are probably feeling a bit let down right now. But don't worry. There will be more giveaways (there are always more giveaways on this blog) and there will be more chances to win. And The Night Itself will be out in just one month now, so you'll be able to get your hands on it, one way or another, mind-blowingly soon :)

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, read good books, listen to good music, and be happy. I'll see you the week after next!



Isabel said...

Have fun on your trip! I can't believe TNI is out in just one month now!

Zoë Marriott said...

Thanks, Isabel :) I'm off to Edinburgh, which I haven't visited since I was a kid, so I'm excited. By the time I get back it will be LESS than one month until TNI's release. Eeep.

Isabel said...

Oh, I've been to Edinburgh and it's amazing! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Love Edinburgh :)

Phoenixgirl said...

I love both the guest posts!

Rachel Balcombe said...

Literally just last week got back from Edinburgh! Make sure you go and see the pandas. :) Just preordered TNI, so excited! And I no longer have any exams to distract me from the fact that the release date is not today. :)

Zoë Marriott said...

Luna and Rachel: I had a fabulous time! But it was definitely a flying visit, and all my time was taken up with bookish work, so I didn't get to see any pandas :( I now definitely have an ambition to return, though, and next time I shall be a proper tourist and see everything.

Zoë Marriott said...

Phoenix: Thanks! I got myself into a right tizzy writing them - I find guest posts really difficult for some reason.

oil paintings said...

good to read your post!! I should start planning my summer vacation!!

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