Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hello, my ducky darlings! Welcome to Thursday, and another reader question which was left by Giora in the comments.
 " questions about your books are: Did any of your novel been translated to a foreign language and did you have a book event outside Great Britain?"
Let me take the last part of this question first. Sadly no, I've never done a book event outside the UK. Generally authors are too skint (that's poor, for non-Northerners) and lack the connections to set up book events for themselves, especially foreign ones, which are obviously more expensive because of the costs of travel and accomodation. Therefore almost all the events we do, with the exception of things like local school or library visits, or maybe local signings, are arranged between a publisher, who will pay the author's expenses, and a bookshop or conference or other venue which wants to invite the author to take part in a signing or reading or panel event in order to sell books and add value for their customers. The author doesn't really have any say in what events they do, or where those are, or even if they do events at all. It's all about demand from outside.

There are exceptions to this; some well off (usually bestselling) authors sometimes can afford to combine a research trip or holiday abroad with meeting fans in other countries, if large enough numbers of fans from those countries contact them to express an interest. Sadly, I am not one of these well-off authors, so my visits are confined to ones which are either arranged by my publisher, or very local.

If anyone ever contacts me to ask me to do an event in another country, and can afford to pay my expenses, I promise that I will be only too delighted to take them up on it. In fact, I keep my passport current in hopes that one day such a thing will happen to me. But I'll probably need to sell quite a few more copies of my books first.

Now, the first part of your question has a more cheerful answer, thankfully! Yes, several of my books have been bought by foreign publishers and translated into a couple of different languages. Shadows on the Moon and The Swan Kingdom, my two fairytale re-tellings, were both translated into Polish by Egmont Poland.

And my most recent high fantasy novel, FrostFire, has been translated into German by Carlsen Verlag and will be coming out in Germany at the beginning of October year.

Those are all the translations that my books have had so far, but I have fingers crossed that more will come in the future. If there are any non-English-language publishers are reading this, please feel very free to contact Walker Books!

I hope this all makes sense, Giora. Thank you for your question. See you all next week, honeys!


maya said...

WOW, the Polish and German covers of your books are so gorgeous!

Zoë Marriott said...

Thanks, Maya :) I hope Egmont buy more books, I love their cover art.

Isabel said...

Your foreign covers are beautiful! I so wish you could come to the USA though :(

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: Oh sweetie, me too! I've been dreaming of that for years, but I'd either need to have a big hit or win a really important award, and neither has happened yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Isabel said...

Zoe, since you've been answering reader questions lately I was wondering if you could do a post sometime on world-building? I'm plotting a book right now but when it comes to high fantasy coming up with an entirely new and interesting world is really daunting for me. I love your post on world-building with magic but I was wondering if you have a more general process for world-building that works for you? I know this is a pretty hard question to answer but your advice is always the most helpful!

Zoë Marriott said...

Isabel: Honestly, I've been trying to write a post on world-building for *years* and I just can't quite seem to come up with any useful way to talk about my peculiar process! I'll add your email to my list and keep thinking about it, and maybe one day soon I'll come up with something :) In the meantime, good luck, hun!

Isabel said...

Yeah, it's a hard thing to talk about!! Thanks :)

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